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23 Spots Remaining

Develop Hockey IQ

Players will work online with retired NHL forward David Van der Gulik, breaking down their game shifts into the details, habits and decisions that make up a players hockey IQ (Hockey Sense)

Innovative 1-of-a-kind Mentorship App

Players are supported through an innovative, 1-of-a-kind Mentorship Portal in the Intangibles App.  Players will learn and develop habits both on and off ice that will transform their game.  Players may communicate with David through the platform, using him as a resource and mentor through the ups and downs of their season and journey in hockey

Try Something Different

Do something that others are not – to Give yourself an edge over the thousands of players competing for a career in hockey

Learn What it Takes

Study – Habits – Accountability – This program is designed for elite players 13+ who truly want it!

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