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This program is centred around studying a players own game footage online together – learning and developing daily habits through the Intangibles App.  This will build a foundation, strengthen our mind and body and help players reach their full potential.

The strength of this program is in the details – Receiving feedback from the mind of an NHL player.  Someone who’s played the game at an elite level and understands the details better than anyone.

This program offers a world of experience to a younger player and aims to develop both on and off-ice habits that will take your game to the next level.

1-on-1 Mentoring is the most valuable investment a hockey player can do to gain an edge and improve their game!

The power of Mentorship



We will take the synergistic approach to growing as an athlete by combining our learning of hockey with all the physical and mental preparation that goes into being an elite player


With Purpose

Quality over quantity - This is intentional time to focus on and learn the details of the game to compliment our Physical Training



The program is designed to develop habits through the Intangibles App. It provides daily habit tracking, focusing on developing fundamental skills through exercises designed to get results and help you grow as a player

Intangibles Hockey App

Develop Habits

Through the App, we will strive to improve your daily process to become your best. This is your daily physical and mental exercises - stick handling, shooting, stretching, speed & power, and game sense - All critical to develop into an elite hockey player - We get there getting 1% each day

video Analysis

Watching Game footage in live sessions to reflect and correct - we break down the details and decisions you make on the ice with and without the puck. I will help you build on a foundation of smart hockey. Identify your weaknesses and help correct them by supported players with learning videos through the Intangibles App

Daily Exercises

Designed to learn and improve your on ice decisions and habits. developing habits starts with awareness and grows with repetition. Just like It takes time and attention to improve your skating and shooting, it's the same with your game sense aka Hockey IQ

why Intangibles

The greatest thing I offer clients is my passion and enthusiasm to teach players the intangibles of hockey. I aim to help players who truly, deep down, want to play in the NHL.  I Share their passion to be their best and I offer this 1-of-a-kind program to mentor and support players seeking help.  Seeking something different: Mentorship from a retired NHL player.

Be The Smartest Player on the Ice

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