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Hone your craft and become a student of hockey. Give yourself an edge and develop your Intangible skills – the details that will separate yourself from others on the ice and help you reach your goals

"Be the Smartest Player on the Ice"

Series Includes


12 Episodes

Designed with purpose to teach fundamental details in hockey that will elevate your game. Details that go underdeveloped because they're NOT focused on!


Q&A Support

Interact with Q&A via email or instagram. Take control of your career. Don't leave anything to chance. Put the work in on your hockey IQ and get to the NEXT LEVEL


1-on-1 Session

A Complimentary DEMO SESSION to breakdown your own game footage and help reinforce key concepts that will help you stand out on the ice!

Learn at your own pace

1 Hour Episodes

Study the game from the comfort of your home. No Driving Required! Each episode is supported by David with Q&A Zoom Sessions

$360 Series Cost

Designed for players who can sit still and study, who have big goals, want to learn what it takes and are willing to put in the work

Sports Psychology

Learn and practice Visualization - a key foundational sports psychology component to help translate what you learn onto the ice!

why Intangibles Hockey

David started Intangibles Hockey to pass on the details of the game that he learned throughout his 27 year hockey career – the details that separated him from others and enabled him to reach his dream and play in the NHL


David offers 1-on-1 video mentorship designed around individual player needs.  This is a personalized sessions program offered to the most dedicated who want to be the best.  If you want to make it more than anyone else, in the pit of your stomach, I would love for you to invest your time with me to help you improve.  I will help you become a more Valuable Player!

Reach Your True Potential
Train with Intent - Learn what it Takes

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